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All About Early Doors Football

Hello, my name is Tristan, and I am the creator of Early Doors Football. Ever since I was young, I have absolutely loved football, or soccer as it is called here in America. Since I have watched and played soccer at every chance, my love has only grown over the years. 

Through Early Doors Football, I will be able to share my love of the Beautiful Game with you all through various articles that I write. These articles will be posted on a biweekly basis, however additional pieces may be published if I have some spare time and want to delve into another topic.

A wide variety of subjects will be discussed, so I encourage everyone to reach out if they have anything they would like to be written about. I plan on occasionally doing match predictions for important games, analytical pieces on individual teams and players, and even looking back at some of the most important players and teams of the past. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey, I hope you all enjoy!

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