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Expand your Knowledge

Since it is my goal to spread my love and knowledge of football, I wanted to share some of my favorite podcasts, videos, and books. This would be great media to watch and read if you want to learn more about the beautiful game!

Soccer Game


The Gab and Juls Show

This podcast is from two of my favorite journalists: Gabriele Marcotti and Julien Laurens. Twice a week, they review key moments of the past days, and often have other distinguished guests join them. 


ESPNFC is a daily show on ESPN+ that covers all football news. From match reactions to transfer rumors, they cover a lot each episode. I have linked the Youtube channel that uploads clips from each episode, but to find full episodes, you will need to have ESPN+.


Tifo Football uploads a wide variety of Youtube videos and a podcast as well! The videos cover a wide range of topics and tones, with excellent journalists from The Athletic. They discuss a good mix of current and historical topics, so I highly recommend watching.



This book looks at the expanding world of analytics in soccer, and how they can relate to real world concepts as well. Mathematical modeling illustrates that many footballing tactics can be related to obscure things like city layouts and ant colonies. A truly fascinating book.


Soccernomics delves into how many other factors, such as economics, psychology, and statistics, affect things that happen on the pitch. I read the older version, but I am sure this 2018 edition only adds on to an already phenomenal book. 

Zonal Marking

Michael Cox takes a look at the tactical shifts that occurred during different time periods, and how different countries led these revolutions. Offers a great perspective on many ideas that I was relatively unfamiliar with, as many important tactical ideas occurred before I was even born.

The Age of Football

One of the most compelling and shocking books on this list. David Glodblatt looks at how football is used by politics and society across different continents, which is truly eye-opening. This book offers a wider perspective on the game, and perfectly demonstrates how football really is more than a game.

The Ugly Game

A true masterclass in investigative journalism. This book looks into the shady work that Qatar did to acquire the right to hold the 2022 World Cup. It is fascinating to see the inner workings of FIFA and the corruption that lies within.

Twelve Yards

Twelve Yards takes an in-depth look at the art of the penalty kick, both from a statistical and psychological point of view.

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